PDMHS Announce will be used for simple and infrequent announcements relating to official PDMHS activities by email. 

PDMHS Announce uses Google Groups and is free to use.
The group content is open to view by anyone but only authorised users can add content
To register : 
Send an email (no subject or content is needed) to pdmhs-announce+subscribe@googlegroups.com
You will receive a confirmation email; simply reply to this by email (don’t click the “Join This Group” link).
If you don’t get a confirmation email quite quickly, check your spam/junk folder.
After confirmation, you will receive another email indicating you are now a member. Please ignore the “Visit This Group” link. Gmail/Android users may click on those links to visit the web page version, but you must log in to your Google account.
You can unsubscribe at any time; instructions are at the foot of each email, along with some other practical information.
In case of difficulty, please contact newsletter@pdmhs.com