How to change your password

You can change your  password on your profile page  There are other options there but there’s little point in changing anything else.

Scroll down to Account Management and click on Set new password

The system will generate a secure password. It will be complex and impossible to remember. You can choose your own but passwords are supposed to be difficult, they protect you but, more importantly to PDMHS, they help keep the bad guys off our web server. The best solution is to use a password vault like LastPass, KeyPass, Dashlane or BitWarden (my preferred choice) to store all your passwords.  Those products can make all your internet logins much easier and more secure. All the suggested options are either free or have a free tier that is adequate for most users.

If you prefer to choose your own password, please do choose a strong one.

Please don’t share your password, your account will be closed if there’s evidence of sharing.

Do not change the email address on your website profile.

It’s important that the membership secretary is aware but also the Museum keeps a record to ensure you can gain free entry. An email to will ensure all three places receive the notification.